My Love For London

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Welcome to my blog Rearranging Stars šŸ™‚

As this is my first blog I wanted to write about something that happened pretty recently but also is (hopefully) exciting to read!

So 2 weeks ago I went to London for the first time with two of my friends. I’ve always been dying to visit the city listening in envy to friends who had been there or seeing photos online, it looked like the place to be.

And I wasn’t wrong! The first thing that occurred to me when we got there was that London was big… and I mean BIG. I know this might sound fairly obvious but when you’re from a little town in Ireland and you’re used to a place being small and compact, visiting London can be a bit breathtaking

What I loved most about the city was how hectic it was, from people walking in every direction to the noise of buses, cars and taxis zooming past, the place just felt so alive!

We were only staying in London for a short while, so me and my friends wanted to fit as much in as possible. Highlights for me were Trafalgar Square, The National Gallery, Buckingham Palace, Camden Market and Primrose Hill. If you’re ever planning to visit London I would highly recommend these places!

Trafalgar SquareĀ is beautiful because of the immense statues, fountain, and street performers that fill the square

I didĀ art for school so visitingĀ The National GalleryĀ was a must. The Gallery is filled with gorgeous paintings by artists such as Leonardo, Van Gogh, Botticelli, and Van Eyck. It was definitely a worthwhile experience because you’re able to appreciate the art a lot more when you can see it face to face, instead of looking at a photo your teacher printed from the internet.

Buckingham PalaceĀ was just a touristy thing that had to be done! It was cool to see the Palace and the Guard’s that are so often featured on TV. I hear that you can get guided tours in the Palace, one day I would love to do that (but I’m guessing it’s crazy expensive!)

Camden Market is inĀ North London and was a place my friend Lucy insisted we visit. I’m so glad we did because it’s so different to Central London. It’s the perfect hangout for hipsters, the place is thriving with people and is also full of quirky shops and stalls. All selling clothes or items you wouldn’t find in New Look or Penny’s. I got a really cool t-shirt with a print of one of Banksy’s (the graffiti artist) designs!

And finallyĀ Primrose HillĀ is near Camden Market and across from London Zoo. It’s a little hill that is located in a vast park called Regent’s Park. It was the perfect place to go to escape the hustle and bustle of London. If you climb Primrose Hill you also get an amazing view of the whole of London. I found it kind of similar to climbing to Montmartre in Paris and getting a view of the city (but obviously less French šŸ˜‰

That’s all I have to say on my trip, I hope you enjoyed reading my blog (and if you read to the end thank you! I know it’s pretty long!) I also hope that it gave you some inspiration on where to visit in London if you ever want to make the journey there in the future (I definitely will be returning!)

Bye for now!


Trafalgar Palace Street Preformer Big Ben Buckingham Palace Shop in Camden Market Camden Market My friend by Primrose Hill


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