Review of My Favourite Books

Hi there!

I’m an avid reader and one thing I love doing more then anything, is cuddling under the duvet with a good book ( doesn’t that line just sound like something cheesy from an internet dating website?!) Anyway in my room I have a book case full of books so I thought I would pick and review my top 5 books from my shelves.


I wanted to avoid reviewing the ‘typical books’ that you have all seen, or that have been turned into ‘major motion pictures’ like ‘The Hunger Games’ and ‘The City of Bones’ Don’t get me wrong, I adore these books but they’ve been talked about so much that at this stage everyone knows the stories behind them!

So lets begin!

Cecelia Ahern, Where Rainbows End: I wouldn’t be a big fan of Ahern’s writing style but I fell in love with this book when I found it in a second hand shop. Set in Ireland the story follows the lives of two best friends Alex and Rosie through childhood into adulthood and the journey their friendship goes through. It’s clear from the start that these two are meant to be more then friends but fate keeps toying with their lives that you wonder will they ever get together. Since the concept of fate meddling with their lives is a big part of the book there is a lot of twists in the plot….. most in which I wasn’t expecting, which is always a good sign! The thing I most enjoyed about this book is that it is completely done through the format of letters, e-mails, and instant messenger (they book was published in 2004 so MSN was still a thing). The book is coming out as a movie this year (called Love, Rosie) , so why not read it before the film comes out!

Jodi Picoult, My Sister’s Keeper: Probably best known for it’s film adaption with Cameron Diaz and Abigail Breslin. My Sister’s Keeper tells the story of one family with a daughter who has cancer and how it is up to her sister Anna, to give her crucial bone marrow, blood etc to keep her alive. That is until the day Anna decides she doesn’t want to help her sister anymore and the effect this has on her family. Personally (even though a bawled during the movie) I prefer the book. My reasons for this is because even though the plot is centered around Kate (the cancer patient), in the book Picoult goes into more depth with each character.  Each new chapter is told through the POV of a different character and they often flashback to a memory that had an effect on their lives. Through these memories we learn more about them and can empathise with them more. My favourite character would have to be Jesse ( Kate and Anna’s brother) because he’s the bad boy/ sensitive soul of the novel and I felt the most sympathy for him (you’ll have to read the book to find out why!) This is probably one of my all time favourite book and at this stage it is looking a bit dog eared because of the amount of pages I’ve turned down or lines I’ve underlined!

Maeve Binchy, Circle Of Friends: Binchy wouldn’t be the typical author that would be aimed towards young adults like myself, but I really enjoyed this book by her. It follows the journey of two friends Benny and Eve, who leave their rural town to go and study in Dublin and the ‘circle of friends’ they meet. Although the plot doesn’t sound crazy exciting the story was actually better then expected (don’t judge a book by it’s cover and all that!), I would definitely give this Irish author a try, you never know it could just be your thing!

Tomi Reichental, I Was a Boy in Belsen: This is up there in the inspiring true stories I have read. When Reichental was nine years old he was sent along with most of his family to Bergen-Belsen concentration camp, he describes what it was like to grow up in a concentration camp during World War II. Not for sensitive souls, he describes in true detail the horrors he had to go through. Though difficult to read at times his story is truly inspiring but also very important, because stories like these must be heard so we never forget. I was lucky enough to witness Reichental talk about his book to an audience when he came to visit my school two years ago. It was deeply moving to hear him speak about an experience that he would obviously like to forget. The copy of the book I have was also signed by him on the day

Marian Keyes, This Charming Man: Keyes is definitely my favourite Irish author. Most of her books center around darker subjects like domestic violence, drug abuse, mental illness, divorce and alcoholism but they are always tinged with her contagious humour that balances the seriousness of the books perfectly. This Charming Man is no different. The story goes like this: charming and handsome politician Paddy de Courcy announces he is getting married, to most this is news as everyone was convinced he would never settle down. But to four woman, all who have been affected by de Courcy at some point in their lives, the news is more momentous for different reasons. Yet one thing they all have in common, is that they are all bound together by the same dark secret.

**** I hope you enjoyed reading about these books and maybe it’s gotten you interested in reading them? What I’d like to know though, what is your favourite book(s) or if you’ve read any of the books above what did you think of them?********


Bye for now!


  1. Hey! Even I find Jodi Picoult’s My sister’s keeper amaazing!
    The book is gloomy but idk what it is about the book that whenever I feel low I read my favourite lines of the book :’)
    It is very well written and you are absolutely correct about the point that the book is a lot better than the movie.
    The connect is irreplaceable.


    • Thanks for the comment! 😀 I get what you mean about the book being gloomy but is always a great place to turn to when your’re sad.
      I think it’s because the book is so inspirational in the way one family try and keep together no matter what the odds! Also I’m a bit stuck on books I’d like to read at the moment, do you have any suggestions?


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