Book Review- Girl Online (no spoilers!)

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Two blogs in one week! I’m on a role (for how ever long it lasts! 😛 )

Unless you’ve been living under a rock (or you’re just not clued into the internet enough) then you mightn’t have heard of Zoe Sugg. But you should, because her novel ”Girl Online” has been announced as the fastest selling debut novel since records began. Pretty big achievement for a twenty four year old.

”Wait what, how? Who is she??” I hear you ask. Well Zoe (or Zoella as she is known online) is part of the rising stars of youtuber’s that are slowly becoming mainstream. Youtuber’s are ordinary people like you and me who make videos on the online platform Youtube. From lifestyle, beauty, and challenges you’re sure to find something you enjoy watching.

‘Wait is this her job? How does she make any money??” I hear you wail. Well to put it short- advertisers. Zoella currently has 6 million subscribers on her channel. For advertisers that can feature their products on her videos, that’s a surreal amount of people to reach and just as good as putting an ad on TV.

If you’re not part of the world of youtuber’s, vloggers and subcribers all this might be hard for you to understand. That’s OK though, it’s like when the television when it first came around, no one understood it and everyone was wary of it. Now everyone watches it.

I subscribed to Zoe because I loved her quirky and silly personality, when she announced she was releasing a book I was delighted. As you watch these people’s video’s you grow to love their content and their personality, so you end up celebrating their success with them.

*Phew!* Now that we got all that out of the way, lets get on with the book review!

First thing I have to comment on is the cover of the book. If I was scanning the shelves of my local bookstore and came across Girl Online (not having heard of Zoe) I would pick it up to read the blurb, just standing on the fact that the cover is so eye-catching, colourful and playful.

Basically the story follows a young shy teen named Penny, who blogs anonymously under the name Girl Online. She blogs about typical teen problems such as boys, school, embarrassing moments and general awkwardness. Penny ends up going to New York where she meets mysterious musician Noah (who reminds me SO MUCH of Zoe’s boyfriend Alfie Deyes)

Two things stood out to be most about this book

(a) It’s very modern and uptodate with today’s world. Social media isn’t treated like something foreign, other then by Penny’s parents! Zoe also touches on the very important subject of cyberbullying.

(b)The character Penny suffers with panic attacks (something that Zoe herself personally goes through). I’ll be honest with you and say I’ve never read a book where the main character deals with panic attacks, and I’m really pleased that Zoella has brought awareness to the subject.

I’ve seen some people online criticise the book and say the storyline is simple. Yes I agree, the story isn’t the most complex, dark or unexpected but I wouldn’t expect Zoe to write a book like that. I think that she stuck very true to herself and wrote a book that is fun, quirky and lighthearted- just like herself

Her personality shone through, I laughed in places just like I do with her videos.

My favourite character has to be Elliot, Penny’s best friend, because of all the hilarious one liners her comes out with.

I’m giving this book a 4/5. Personally I think it’s aged for 11-16 years old. I myself rather read suspenseful novels that pose a lot of questions such as Jodi Picoult books. Every now and then though books like that can get quite heavy so it’s nice to read something lighthearted and girly. And this book is just that.

Bye for now

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