Exploring Boston

Hey there!

Another place I’ve been to on my travels in Boston!

It’s only an hour away from the Cape on the Plymouth and Brockton bus service. So I thought I would take advantage of it and visit my uncle for the day, who was willing to show me around.

I only got four short hours in Boston which is not enough time at all to see everything in the city, but we tried to squeeze as much in as possible.

First we went up the Prudential Building. Now I’d like to point out I’ve never been up a skyscraper so when I went to the window and saw the view I was more then a little taken aback. I was speechless. It was hard to comprehend that a few minutes before that, I was looking up at the buildings in the sky around me feeling miniscule in comparison. And now I was looking down from one of those buildings, feeling like I was looking down at a child’s play town.

I find it crazy that one minute you can go from being the ant in the backyard to the giant in the clouds.

None of the pictures I took can really show the kind of view you get from up there.

DSCF1641[1]                DSCF1647[1]

Next we went for a walk around Boston, my uncle trying to show me as much as possible in the little time we had. We (power) walked thought Boston Common, visited Cheers (a place I had visited when I was eighteen months old with my parents), got the classic photo with the sign as you do.

DSCF1663[1]          DSCF1670[1] DSCF1669[1]

For lunch we went to Boston Harbor and ate at ‘Joe’s’ . After we were so full, we went around the harbor in an effort to burn off the food.

We also happened to be near Harvard. I took a quick five minute stroll around the grounds of the iconic college


So that was my trip to Boston. I definitely have plans in the future to return!

Another adventure this weekend. I’m going to New York! And then my trip comes to an end next week (crazy how time flew!) It’s going to be weird to get back to the routine of ordinary life.

Bye for now

Rearranging Stars

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