Decluttering and Sorting my Life Out

Hi there!

I decided the last day that I would tackle the unthinkable, the thing that I have been pushing to the back of my head for weeks. The task that makes me come up with a billion other things I could be doing : walk the dog, brush up on my French, start a scrapbook, learn how to do the perfect back flip (luckily for my safety and others I never got this far on the list). My level of procrastination truly has no limit.

I made the decision that I would declutter my room and sort my life out. I have this theory that if you declutter your room you’re one step closer to sorting your life out. Doing it is obviously another story.

So armed with the hoover, a wet cloth and will power I tackled the situation. Now don’t get me wrong, my room isn’t dirty it’s just that every once in a while I realize I have too much stuff. Lots and lots of stuff. Clothes I’ll never wear again, cheap shoes from Penny’s (Primark) that have seen better days, prospectus for university’s that are two years old, homeless mix matching socks… the list goes on!

A while later (or 3 and half hours later to be exact….. yes yes it did take THAT long) my room was finally clean.

I felt an uplifting sense of contentment to realize I finally tacked the chore I was avoiding the most. And now I was able to gleefully tick it off my to-do list (the little things in life eh?)

What do you guys think? Is there anything you do that makes you feel you have more control in your life? I’d love to know!

Now I must go and do the second thing on my list…. sort my life out…. might take a bit longer…..

Bye for now

Rearranging Stars


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