My Jewellery Collection- Rings

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As a kid I went through a phase of acting like a tom boy, I thought I would seem cooler if I wore baseball caps backwards and wear tracksuit bottoms. But if you can’t tell I was terrible at trying to act ‘cool’ and it wasn’t long before I was tempted to try on my mom’s long necklaces, her jangling bracelets and when she wasn’t watching sneak on her high heels and smother my lips with her red lipstick. I thought I was transforming myself into a ‘grown-up’ but really I just looked like a circus act!

When I hit my teens I would buy myself cheap bracelets, rings and necklaces from Claire’s Accessories, but after a week I stopped bothering to wear them. I just got board of them and for me they held no special value, they were just something I bought in a shop.

That changed three Christmas’s ago when my mom gave me a Claddagh ring. A Claddagh ring is a traditional Irish ring which represents love, loyalty and friendship. It is made up of a pair of hands ( representing friendship) holding a heart (love), with a crown placed on top of the heart (loyalty). The ring now holds immense sentimental value to me and it’s probably my favourite piece of jewellery, so much so that you’ll rarely find me without it on.

photo 3 (2)

Since then my love for rings has kinda manifested! Another ring that I adore is my ‘thumb ring’ as I like to call it, because it only fits perfectly on my thumb! I was given a BEAUTIFUL jewellery box when I was a little girl (I’ll leave a picture down below), and it’s not until now that I appreciate how gorgeous it is. When l looked inside that box I found a ring. It’s small, silver and has a purple stone in the middle. Then on ethier side of the stone are three studs with carved lines going around them. I think they look like daisy chains though some would argue. I don’t know where it came and it’s probably not worth a lot but I love it all the same.

photo 1

And finally the last two rings that I wear and love. The first one I got from Claire’s Accessories (oh the irony!) In the middle of the ring is an anchor and then the part of the ring that is in the shape of a circle is twisted so it has a rope effect. I got this ring in Cape Cod, America when I was over there last year, so I whenever I look at it I always remember the good times I spent there ❤

Finally the last ring. The story attached to this one is that when I was cleaning out my room at the start of January I pulled out the drawer to my desk and found this little beauty on the floor covered in dust. I’m not sure how long it must have been there but a trip to the jeweller a day later and I had a shiny new ring! It’s the most simple ring I own, it’s silver and has three teeny tiny diamond (fake I’m assuming!) studs along the front.

photo 2 (4)photo 4 (1)

I’ve just realized how long this post is, and I’ve not even started describing my necklaces! I think I might break up ‘My Jewellery Collection’ into two posts. So if you enjoyed reading this blog on my rings… then maybe some time in the future I’ll do one on my necklaces? How does that sound? Let me know in the comments below!

My lovely dear friend Lucy took all these beautiful photos (isn’t she talented!), so if you like why not follow her on twitter and let her know I sent you!

If you didn’t know I also have a twitter so if you would like to follow me, feel free to do so!

I’ve written this blog post on Tuesday (but I’m not uploading it till tomorrow) because I’m visiting my friends house for a couple of days, and I know that her WIFI signal is terrible! I hope you all enjoy the rest of you’re week and if you’ve read this far down thanks for taking time to read this (long) blog!

Rearranging Stars


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