Escaping to the middle of nowhere

Hi there!

I find it so strange that when I was at school I saw my friends everyday yet now since school has ended for us and we’ve all gone our separate ways, it’s harder to see them as much as I would like to.

So as you can imagine I was delighted to learn that my friend Emma, who had spent that last couple of months travelling Europe, was back home in Ireland! She even brought a friend she had made abroad who had never been to Ireland, back with her!

The school Emma and I had gone to was a boarding school, so as can be expected many of the students there were from all over the country. It wasn’t possible to ‘pop’ around to each others house’s whenever we wanted so I had never been to Emma’s house. For five years we tried to plan it to happen but it never did, things got in the way and to be honest we were just terrible planners!

So I was over the moon to get an invitation from her to come and visit. I was finally off to the middle of nowhere! Now when I say the middle of nowhere I don’t mean it lightheartedly, it took me 2 bus rides and an hour long car ride to get to Emma’s house…. and we live in the same county!

I spent four nights there and I honestly had the best time. Though we didn’t have any wifi and we were surrounded by fields and hills the days flew by. We spent our time strolling across beaches, trekking fields, squelching through mud, laughing at the silliest things, making memories and I felt blissfully happy.

Here are a few pictures from my trip:

Picture 1: Beach number one!

Picture 2: Me looking quite small surrounded by the Atlantic!

 DSCF2255[1] DSCF2237[1]

Picture 3 and 4: Looking around the ruins of a castle that’s on the beach…the stairs are still intact!

DSCF2243[1] DSCF2244[1]

Picture 5: Finding a little kitty (don’t worry she has an owner!)

Picture 6: Where the squelching through mud happened (my poor shoes…. though it was worth it for the view)

DSCF2298[1] DSCF2307[1]

Picture 7 and 8: Beach number two! (so pretty <3)

DSCF2346[1] DSCF2358[1]

Picture 9: We also visited a chocolate factory, amazing staff and amazing chocolate ! Here’s their link:


It was lovely to get away for a while, and to hang out with friends (old and new!) and to just be outside in the glorious sunshine and sea air!

Have you ever made a trip to a friends house and looked back at it with fond memories? I’d love if we could share around our stories (only if you want) ! 🙂

Rearranging Stars



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