Returning to London

Hey there!

Last weekend I returned to London since last being there eight months ago, this time with my dear mom in tow! Mom has never been to London (she’s a proper small town girl at heart) and I couldn’t wait to go back, so last November I booked flights and planned our trip. It was even more perfect because last weekend was also my mom’s birthday ! 🙂

Our hotel was located literally in Central London, so mom and I walked everywhere (no honest to God everywhere). Though it was tiring I think it was totally worth it, because we came across places we would have never seen if we had used the Underground. And thankfully the weather was on our side!

In the three days we were there we visited so many places and saw so many things, I was also delighted because I was able to see places I didn’t get a chance to see last time round.

Convent Garden: I love this place so much. Convent Garden is full of vibrant stalls, quaint shops, restaurants and street performers entertaining the crowds. It’s kinda like Camden Market but less hipster. Mom and I ate at Jamie Oliver’s Union Jack restaurant, which really prides itself on using fresh ingredients and taking no short cuts. Mom also bought a hot chocolate in a chocolatier shop named Venchi . Holy crap this was some hot chocolate, it was the hot chocolate of all hot chocolate’s. Just pure intense chocolate.

IMG_2874  photo 2 (10)

London Eye: It’s kind of on everyone’s bucket list when they go to London isn’t it? Honestly I wouldn’t recommend it though. I thought that while we were going around in the capsule, a voice over would be giving us facts about different sights in London that we could see etc. But in reality it’s 40 minutes of being in a stuffy capsule that feels like it has the same air as an airplane, and the only decent photo that looks nice is the one of Big Ben.

IMG_2918   IMG_2904

Changing of the Guards: I’ve been to Buckingham Palace before but I’ve been told that the Changing of the Guards is a must see. Mom and I arrived an hour before it was supposed to start at half 11 and the place was already packed. We squeezed into a spot by the gate and waited…. and waited… and waited. It was a long wait and it was kinda chilly (my own fault to be honest because I wore a playsuit, in an attempt to be optimistic of the glimpse of sun that appeared in the sky.) It was cool when it finally got started and we saw the guards in their official gear, marching around but it quickly got boring. I would recommend it because it was an experience but its not all it’s made out to be 🙂

IMG_2939  IMG_2949

Amorino: Just by Leicester Square on Garrick St is an ice cream shop called Amorino. This place does AMAZING gelato, so good that I went back a second day. I got caramel and chocolate chip, and whats special about this place is that on the cone they shape the ice cream as a flower… seriously! I watched them do it and it takes some skill. I never got a photo though because I had the ice cream eaten by the time I remembered ha!


The Parks: Last time I was in London I visited Primrose Hill, this time round I got to have a stroll around St James Park and Green Park. I love the parks in London because it’s so nice to escape the hustle and bustle of dodging taxis and busy streets. Also coming from Ireland I get a great comfort at looking at green scenery ❤


Les Mis: On Saturday night mom and I went to see Les Miserables in the Queens Theatre. This was the part of the trip that I was looking most forward to and my goodness it didn’t disappoint! Les Mis is definitely hard hitting, sorrowful and passionate story but that’s what I love about it. The actors put so much energy in their performance and everything was done so well, and I think a special credit has to go towards the live orchestra who played incredibly. I would definitely suggest going to see a show if you’re ever in London. Next time I want to see Wicked 🙂


The great thing about London is that there is always so much to do, I’m already planning things I want to do when I visit next (which will hopefully be in June!)

If you want to check out the first time I visited London here’s the link:

Have you ever been to London?

Bye for now

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