A day in Brighton

Hey there!

I’ve had a busy two weeks exploring and experiencing two very different cities- Brighton and Dublin.

While in London at the end of June, myself and my good friend went off to Brighton for the day. Brighton’s known for being a seaside town, so naturally and I made a beeline to the water front! We sunbathed along with the other 80 people or so, (the rocks weren’t so bad for lying on, but a nightmare to walk on).


Then we headed to the iconic Brighton pier, with it’s squwaking seagulls, stripy sun lounges, backpack laden students and elderly couples on a weekend coach trip. All tinged with the salty smell of beer battered fish and chips. If I was with my little brother and family, I know we’d spend hours among the arcade games. But after a walk around and a couple of photos, and I had seen enough and we headed towards the Lanes.

IMG_0581  IMG_0586

In the beginning I couldn’t see the big fuss made over the Lanes. We were only coming across fancy restaurants and quaint café’s, not really what we were looking for.

IMG_0595 IMG_0590

But when we headed to the North Lanes we found the true essence of Brighton. I was so happy to find the amazing and realistic graffiti everyone harps on about…  I think this one was my favourite


Also we came across this street art on a side of a shop wall. It reminds me a lot of Bansky’s style… does anyone know if it’s by him?


Other than art we went for retail therapy in some high street stores, and got lost in weird and quirky shops. For example we came across a really old bookshop. When we stepped inside it felt like we were taken away from Brighton, and transported to a different time. Every type of book – hardback, paperback, leather bound – surrounded us, reaching to the ceiling. They even had a metal spiral staircase leading down to the bottom floor… with a sign warning customers to use it as their own risk. With my track record of clumsiness , and I thought it was best to avoid it.


That evening we ate at GBK (my first time there…and OMB (oh my burger) it was fantastic), after we got some gelato… not as cool as the rose shaped gelato in London but still a nice dessert if any.


Thankfully we were blessed with good weather for the day, because of this I opted to wear my new summer dress, so naturally I had to wear sandals  I have real princess feet so by the end of the day I was covered in blisters, and ended up walking around like a penguin in pain.

Ah the memories.

I can’t wait to visit Brighton again, next time I’ll be able to soak it up better and know where to go and where not to bother with.

Have any of ye ever been to Brighton? What do you think of it?

Bye for now

Rearranging Stars



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