My opinion on Inside Out and imagining my emotions

Hey there!

I went to see Disney Pixar’s new release Inside Out last night for the second time. As I’m sure you’ve already heard, this movie is basically the definition of genius in a plotline. In the movie instead of  emotions being a state of feeling, they are personified to have characteristics that suit the individual emotion they represent. Together they control the workings on in the protagonists Riley’s head.

This brilliant perspective gave the creators full reign to be imaginative as possible on the layout of Riley’s mind… train of thought (literally), personality islands, long-term memory, core memories are just to name a few things.

This film blew me away. The first time I watched it, I was an emotional (ha) wreck in my seat. It was very unexpected that (SPOILER ALERT) the underdog of the emotions, Sadness, would turn out to be the hero of the movie.

A major important lesson that left a lasting impression, was that the movie played a significant role in discussing mental health… that it’s ok to be sad.

Long before I heard about the movie, I had a conversation with my friend on how we would describe our emotions. So as a nice little tie in to the blog, I thought I would include an explanation of my different emotions.

Happiness: my happiness is like a sphere in the middle of my chest. It shimmer’s and slowly gets stronger and stronger until it’s a ball of golds, oranges and yellows. It runs through my veins, and sends jolts up my body.

Anger: it feels like black mist that grows darker and bigger. Like happiness it’s by my chest, in my heart. The mist sucks all the goodness out and tightens around my heart till the red seeps through.

Sadness: when I’m sad pebbles of sorrow fall into my heart – clunk clunk clunk- until my heart isn’t able to hold itself up anymore, and is weighed down all the way to my stomach. Everything is dirty rain, water blue and grey.

Anxiety: with the help of its cousin’s doubt and fear, anxiety crawls into my brain and makes its way down to my heart where they pull it apart. Leaving my heart in the pit of my stomach.

As you can see, most of my emotions are centred around my heart. Therefore sometimes I can get confused with how I feel, if like in the movie, I feel all my emotions at once.

Have you seen Inside Out? What did you think of it? How would you describe your emotions?

Thanks for reading!

Bye for now

Rearranging Stars


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