Dear blog, happy belated birthday

Hey there

On the 22nd of August 2014 I sat down, set up an account on wordpress and thus RearrangingStars was born! A year on and 49 blog posts later and I’m still typing (happy days!).

I did have a big scheme in my head where I would make it my mission for this blog to be posted on the actual birthday of my blog. Alas I’m not as well organized as I like to make myself feel and life got busy and my poor blog got a bit neglected.

It’s a bit like the friend who’s birthday you’ve forgotten, so in an effort to make it up to them you arrive laden with cake and presents (virtual cake and presents in this case)

I enjoyed writing my blog a year ago and I still enjoy it now. I also love looking back over my posts and seeing the different writing style I’ve used. And to see the different topics that were important to me at the time that I felt a need to voice.

I fear of mine when I started my year out was that I wouldn’t put as much effort into my writing, because I didn’t have school essays and English classes to motivate me. So this blog turned into a great tool to help keep my enjoyment alive. Now with me starting my Journalism course next week, I won’t be doing anything but writing!

A great relevant quote (but not quoted perfectly) from the fabulous Ed Sheeran is:

‘Creativity is like a tap. Turn it on every now and then and shit will just come out, you need to keep it flowing for the good stuff to come out. So don’t turn the tap off, keep it running.’

This blog is in no way as structured as I would like it to be, but at the same time it’s nice to just type away without a plan 🙂

I hope who ever reads this that you’re doing well, and if you’re feeling nice you can wish my little blog a happy belated birthday (just so it can feel special).

Bye for now

Rearranging Stars



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