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I’ve expressed my love for art in this blog before. A subject of art that I think is sorely underrated is graffiti. For the most part graffiti was seen as vandalization and only crude words sprayed across the side of a building. Though now more and more graffiti is receiving the recognition as an art form, that is able to convey deep messages or just look plain cool!

I love finding graffiti in different towns. In my blog post on Brighton, I mentioned the inner city style graffiti that can be found in the town.

Though closer to home I’m able to enjoy the art aswell. For the past few years a mysterious graffiti artist has been adding his/her touch to my small town. His style resembles Banksy with his/her own personal mark added. In the same way as Banksy some of his/her work contains more thought provoking messages

FullSizeRender (8)

 I think this is one of his most deepest piece of graffiti he’s/she’s done so far in the town. My take on it is that he’s referring back to the Ancient Times when they would offer sacrifices up to the Gods, and since we consider technology so important, that is our offering. Or he/she is depicting that we have become faceless because of technology.


This one is more centered at Irish current affairs and Irish humour. When a law was brought in to Ireland recently that we would have to pay for our water, there was uproar around the country. This piece of graffiti cleverly refers to the law in a humourous tone.


There’s no deeper meaning behind this one (I think there isn’t anyway!) I personally think it’s really cool how someone can look at the side of a dirty building and be able to change it, so that it’s worth stopping and looking at.

Other than these three pieces, his/her graffiti is usually small and is only noticed from the corner of your eye. His/her trademark piece is to paint smurfs on the side or bottom of buildings, but these smurfs are more R rated than the innocent childhoods animations that are usually drawn.

I think depending how graffiti is used, it can add personality to a town. I’d also like to point out that since no one is sure who the graffiti artist is, I made a conscience effort to say he/she at all times. (Thanks to my friend who reminded me not to just assume straight away, that it’s a man behind the mystery!)

Where do you stand on graffiti? What do you think of my towns local graffiti artist? Are you behind it? 😉

I’d love to hear what you have to say in the comment section below! 🙂

Bye for now

Rearranging Stars


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