Pretty in Pink- Clothes and Make up haul

Hey there!

So I’m currently writing to you from…. my first ever college room! Today I moved up to Dublin, little country girl moving to the big schmoke kind of thing, and I’ve (nearly) finished making this room feel a bit like a home. I’ll probably do a blog on my room, and how I decorated it sometime in the near future! 😀

To feel a bit of normality and to feel like I’m being super productive, I thought I’d do a blog on things I recently bought. If you’re a regular reader, you’ll know I don’t do ‘hauls’ or make up reviews often. Though in the last few weeks leading up to college, I seemed to have gone on a splurge getting new stuff. ( Yup great money saving techniques there ha)


I don’t own a good pair of jeans, or if I did, they’ve now lost their shape and don’t do my bum any favours any more. So Visa card in hand and easy enough clothes to take off, in the confined and harshly lite cubicles, called dressing rooms, I set off on my quest.

I came back successful and got two great pair of jeans in Topshop and Vera Moda.

The pair of jeans I got in Topshop are high waisted, skinny and light blue. They look fabulous with a crop top and turned up cuffs.

While the Vera Moda jeans are grey/charcoal. I’m not used to wearing dark colours but I like the change! Only thing is that the jeans are low waisted, so I’m constantly pulling them up! 😉

Make up and other bits and bobs

I’m a sucker for pretty things so there was no way I could leave these things behind in the shop.


Staring off on the left. I’ve tried Benefit before (Hoola Bronzer is life). So when I was on the search for a good blusher (a staple that’s been missing from my make up bag for a while now), I went straight for the Benefit counter. I picked Dandelion because how subtle it is, while still having the tiniest of shimmer.


Next up is is an item from beauty blogger Zoella’s new range.  I didn’t want to spend too much money on a fragrance, so it was great to see her body mist ‘Blissful Mistful’ was extremely affordable. I’ve not worn it much so far, so can’t give you a proper review on the scent, though I remember liking it in the shop.

Another product from the Zoella’s range is her make up bags. I adore her make up bags, and I was delighted to see her ‘just say… Yes’ bag in the shop recently. I’m not sure if you can see in the picture, but the bag is a pale pink with gold polka dots scattered around it.

Finally the last thing I bought was the new make up palette by Maybeline- The Nudes.


I love gold and browns in eye shadows, and though the packaging is really simple, the eye shadow colours were all it took for me to buy it. I wore it on a night out recently (along with my Dandelion blusher) and the colours were so pretty!

Any of ye guys have anything from my haul? What do you think of it?

I’ll hopefully be doing a blog on my college life in the future some time (plans plans plans!), obviously once I get more settled in.

Though until then, I hope you enjoyed this different style of blog from me!

Bye for now

Rearranging Stars



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