Things I learned in my first year in college

I’ve come to the end of my first year in college and over the year I’ve learnt things, made mistakes and come to realisations. Here I give you a list of the things I’ve learnt in my first year (and many more to come, I’m sure!)

  • I’ve missed learning. After leaving formal education for a year while I took my gap year, it’s been a while since I’ve sat down and read academic books or listened to people with a whole lot of knowledge teaching me on a certain subject. My favourite lecture is surprisingly History of Journalism. I find it captivating, but I think that’s down to my lecturer who is a true storyteller.


  •  You won’t have squad goals within a week, and that’s ok. Arriving into college you will probably have left behind a group of friends. The people you sat with at lunch, or the people you gravitated towards when your teacher put you into groups. These people could have been your best friends or they could have been your safety net just so you weren’t alone. But now starting college, you’re starting afresh and you have to make friends from scratch. Sound scary? It is. But that’s ok, all new things are scary. I was filled with worry that I hadn’t made enough friends within my first week of college. I remember being on the phone to my friend from home telling her I felt like I must be doing something wrong. She had to remind me it was only my first week and I had plenty of time to make lots of friends, and that it would all fall into place. And it did. So just give yourself time, you’ll drift from different people, but eventually you’ll hopefully find the people who suit you. (Remember, I know everyone says this, but clubs and societies are great way to make friends as well as to find people who share your common interests.)


  • It’s a time for independence. College is a time to gain a bit of independence. It could be the simplest thing like figuring out how the bus system works (you may laugh, but Dublin Bus is no joke). For me I really wanted to be able to cook myself a meal. You may also laugh at this, but being able to cook a meal all by myself with no help was a big deal for me. I didn’t hesitate and within the first week I was trying to make all sorts of fancy dishes. Throughout the year I’ve managed to master a few recipes and I’ve even discovered new food I like from finding meals online.


  • Grab opportunities. Try saying yes more often. If your friends suggest to go on a random adventure after college, why not? Or if an opportunity arises that could benefit you or your future career, take it! It is only your first year but it’s no harm to be conscience of your future.


  • Don’t put too much pressure on yourself. As long as I’ve been on this planet, I have always put pressure on myself. Be it with exams or my social life, I always have a fear I’m not doing enough. Try and not to over think everything and enjoy the experience you’ve been given!


Do you have any tips for college students? What did you learn when you were in college?

As always, thanks for reading! x





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