Stories from Dublin

After living in Dublin for a year I’ve come away with many thoughts and lessons on life in the city. As I’m still feeling nostalgic for my first year in the capital, I’ve decided to share them with you.

Street Names: This might just be a problem I only experienced but double check you’re saying street names right, it could save you a lot of embarrassment later on. I just assumed streets and landmarks were called one thing when they were usually pronounced a totally different way. Like am I the only one who didn’t know that the Ha’Penny Bridge is pronounced the HEY’Penny?

Other infamous mispronunciation has been Aungier Street being called Anger Street, The Quays being called The Keys and you don’t even want to hear my attempt at pronouncing Exchequer Street. I’m still mocked by my friends on my ignorance but it’s resulted in some funny laughs all the same.

Discovering Food: Coming from a town where the most foreign dish on the menu is often pasta, it was a shock to the system being introduced to tapas, Wagamamas and a wide variety of cocktails. When I say I’ve spent most of my college funding on food I’m really not joking. Going to college in the city has made it hard not to ignore the temptation of eating out everyday. But though my bank balance has taken a few knocks, it’s left me with a new taste for flavour. Now if I’m in a restaurant I try not to hesitate when ordering food, just because I haven’t never heard of a certain food that’s on the menu, doesn’t mean I won’t like it.

Travelling: Living where I’m from I’m very used to walking everywhere or having someone drive me places. Yet in Dublin using public transport is vital if you plan on getting anywhere. So I’ve had the joy of experiencing over crowded morning buses, four hour train journeys and semi awkward taxi conversations. Probably the worst experience with public transport was when I left my suitcase on Dublin Bus and I had to get hold of their helpline in an absolute panic, as I watched my bus carrying my suitcase fly up the road (for anyone interested, I got it back safe and sound).

Dublin Accents: Probably my favourite thing about living in Dublin is listening to all the different accents. Nothing makes me happier then listening to a fellow friend of mine from Finglas saying the word purple (PUURPLE) or burger (BUURGER). I find it amazing that so many people can speak differently even though they all live within the same county. Though my accent hasn’t gone unnoticed either. I was told by a friend that her parents described my accent as singsongy (still undecided whether to take this as a compliment or not), while someone else told me that I sound ‘crazy’ when I speak (cheers).

Sense of Direction: I don’t have the best sense of direction, so it often leaves me easily getting lost or taking a right when I should have taken a left. Honestly if it wasn’t for Google Maps I wouldn’t get anywhere. I’ve learnt recently that more then likely, the lack of direction probably runs in my family. What was supposed to be a fairly relaxed trip of my family coming up to Dublin in the car to help me move out of my house, resulted with them getting lost and ending up in Finglas. My parents are very culchie and religious viewers of RTE news, so they honestly thought they were in the middle of gang land territory. A friend of my mom who’s from Dublin sent out a search party and brought two very shaken and stressed out parents to my front door. The experience has left my mom never trusting a sat nav ever again


Have you ever lived somewhere different? Do you have any stories you’d like to share? I’d love to know! Leave a comment down below if you’d like 🙂



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