A Series of Letters to Autumn

November is upon us, but I’m not quite ready to let Autumn go. During September I wrote a series of letters, all directed to the season itself. Here are a few I wrote.


Dear Autumn, /// 1

14th September, 2016

You’re defining nature and today you’re summer (at least that’s what it feels like). I’ve escaped your intense glare and everyone else for that matter so I can sit and enjoy you from a distance. Don’t get me wrong Autumn, I won’t hide away from you forever, I just need sometime to myself. You understand that, right?

 You’re quite show off today. You’re making a job of having the sun shine through and create light and darkness on everything you touch. Is that a metaphor for what you’re capable of? I hope you give me more light than darkness this month Autumn.


Dear Autumn, /// 2

19th September, 2016

Life is good. A weekend has come and gone as quickly as the leaves are falling of the trees. Your typical unpredictable weather choices was an excuse for movies in bed. My mind has been quiet lately and even when it’s on the cusp of letting its old friend anxiety in through my door, I’m able to distract myself. Scribbling my thoughts down everyday causes me to reflect on this time last year. Life is definitely better. I’m happy Autumn.


Dear Autumn, /// 3

28th September, 2016

I’m reading a brilliant book at the moment, Autumn. I’m skimming through the pages, excited to see what the end has in store. These past few days have had a different pace to my normal routine. I breathed in your air from across the sea and I relished in your subtle chill in a drunken haze. Thinking back to it all, Autumn, a smile plays on my lips.




Inspired by Carrie Hope Flethcher’s vlogs.


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