Me at 19

Inspired by Will Derbyshire’s video , I wanted to use this blog as a documentation of myself and my life right now

So this is me at 19

This is what my eyes look like


They’re kind of green, kind of blue. They’re are all wrinkly around the sides because I smile too much.

This is what my hands look like.

These are some of my friends. I like them because I’m able to talk to them about different things because they’re all so diverse .


I’m reading A Girl With A Dragon Tattoo at the moment. It was given to me as a present.

This is was my view everyday for eighteen years and this is what I see now

I’m genuinely happy and I laugh a lot. I like wearing high waisted jeans and crop tops, but I also like owning an unacceptable amount of hoodies. I wear rings on my fingers almost everyday and pull my hair up into messy buns. I overthink way too much but I’m also told I care enough.


This is me at 19.



Photos attributed to Mairead O’hEocha Murphy and the author of the post 



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