November Favourites

I rarely do favourite posts on my blog because I’m terrible at remembering things and find that I never love enough things in a month to write a post about.

But in November I happened to enjoy quite a lot of things, so I present to you my November Favourites

Ps. I know it’s the middle of December but let’s just roll with it.

Clement and Pekoe: After hearing my friends rave about this little coffee shop on South William St I decided to try it out myself. Now come here to me, if you love mochas as much as I do, do yourself a favour and stop by this place. They give you a literal stick of chocolate that you stir it into your coffee to create your own mocha. Also their milk is always on point.

dodie: The Youtube star and songwSource: Music Glue riter released her EP recently and it’s caused me to binge listen to her songs on Youtube. The newest one is on her EP and is called When and has a string quartet (so very very pretty).

Weekend Escapes: November was full of weekends spent exploring County Dublin. Sunday walks up Bray Head, visiting Kilmanham Jail and walking beaches in Greystones are to name a few of the things I got up to. It feels great to do something with my weekends instead of just sleeping (though that is obviously great too).



Gilmore Girls: I started watching the show earlier on in the summer and like with any tv show I’m REALLY slow getting through it. Even though I haven’t finished the series, I still watched the revival show (don’t worry no spoilers).Since the shows pretty old, I already knew the gist of how the series was going to go down so watching the latest series before actually finishing the original wasn’t a big deal for me. I’m back to continuing with the original (Season 2 Episode 15  ) and it’s my favourite thing to have on in the background after college.

Interviewing people: For my journalism course in college it’s natural that I’m going to be regularly put in a situation where I have to interview people. This semester in particular there was a lot of one on one interviews I had to conduct with people as part of a radio package I’m doing. I really enjoyed the whole process of setting up an interview (even though at times it can be very difficult) and doing the journey out to where I’m meeting them, especially if it’s a new place I’ve never been before.

Source: Variety

Arrival: I went to see this film when my brother came up for a visit. Since seeing it, I’ve been raving about it to everyone. It’s such a brilliant film that even though it’s technically about aliens arriving to Earth, it is far from your typical alien movie. Amy Adams plays the strong female lead character and the message of the whole movie blew me away. GO AND SEE IT.






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