Thoughts for 2017

I feel like we can all universally acknowledge that 2016 wasn’t exceptional, if anything it was kind of shit, from politics, world events and celebrity deaths 2016 had it all.

You know the phrase “this will be my year” or “this was my year:, I don’t think I’ve ever had that moment of certainty. I start every year with energy and plans saying what I’ll achieve but work/commitments/college/life always slows me down, and I always feel like I could have done better. 2016 wasn’t anything special for me, yes I filled it with good memories and I worked hard but as usual I want this year to hurry up and end so 2017 can be better.

With all of these words and thoughts bundled on the page, I’ve come to the conclusion that this year I won’t write out my list of goals.

Every year I challenge myself and write a list of highly ambitious goals, and at the end of that year I re-read the list and am always consumed by my self crippling doubt that I could have done better. Instead this year I will keep my hopes and dreams for the coming year in my head, and not written in stone on paper (does that make sense?) They can be mine to keep and become less permanent and scary . If future me reads back over this, don’t panic you did fine in 2017, I’m sure you tried your hardest and that’s all that matters. Once you end the year and you feel happy that’s all I care about.


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