An Anti-New Years

New Years has never been my favourite time of year, actually to be honest with you I hate it. Streets are rowdy and crowded, making plans with people is an impossible task and the whole concept is a hype; that hit midnight we need to cheer and celebrate new beginnings when really it’s just the start of another day (jeez I’m a bundle of positive energy).

As you can see myself and New Years Eve don’t see eye to eye, so this year I wanted to celebrate it my own way. I headed to Dublin and myself and my friend had what I christened (much to her dismay and embarrassment as I shouted the name out with joy when I thought of it) AN ANTI-NEW YEARS!

  • Rule one of Anti-New Years: you do not talk about new years.

Evening time myself and my friend headed into town towards the Grand Canal, the area was like a ghost town as every place was closing at half four. But we managed to get a coffee (and were given free sourdough baguettes!). Bread in my handbag we walked into town on the search for a good burger. Bunsen was surprisingly closed so we walked to Workmans where we heard they sold burgers upstairs, we weren’t wrong and we both sat down with a Wow Burger ( the name of the burger shack but also the burgers were fab) and a pint of cider. It was heaven.

We then watched a football match in a nearby bar…. I think it was Man City and Liverpool playing? I can’t remember to be honest, I only agreed to go along so I could treat myself to a cocktail (It was a very pretty Raspberry Margarita in case you’re curious).

For the night we settled down with takeaway and wine and watched a movie on the couch. Outside I could hear the rain pelting down and a phone call with my mom before midnight told me the weather was the exact same back home.

A few minutes before twelve we switched over the channel to the London countdown to watch the fireworks. The crowds counted down (10…9….8), the rain wasn’t stopping anytime soon (7…6….5), I was wrapped up in my friend’s huge blanket and nursing a food baby (4…3…2), and for the first time ever I had a great New Years Eve spent exactly how I wanted to spend it (1…HAPPY NEW YEAR…BOOM BOOM FIREWORKS EVERYWHERE).

And then we headed to bed.





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