A New Challenge

I like new challenges. They scare the shit out of me, but I know in the long run they benefit me. New challenges always make me more ambitious, after completing something and realising in myself I can do it, I’m looking for the next thing that can test me.

I had been in my current job for eight months when I was asked if I wanted to be trained on coffee. If any of you have every done proper barista training before you know that it is quite technical and can take time to learn how to grind your coffee, prefect your milk, and teach yourself how to pour correctly. I was feeling extremely daunted because it would mean I would be under time constrain, while also having to juggle a bunch of other things at the same time. I’m also a person who, if I don’t get something right the first time I can be really hard on myself, so I remember being very tough on myself during that training period. But hey! I kept it up and now I can proudly say I can make pretty ok coffee 🙂

The most recent challenge I gave myself was starting college. I was so so nervous on induction day. I walked up the street to my college and stopped in a nearby coffee place to calm myself. But once I walked through the main doors into the foyer I was overcome with anxiety. I felt very alone and very overwhelmed. Where was I even going once I walked in through the doors? Who would I speak to? Would I be able to make friends? I turned around and headed straight back down the street and tried to calm my nerves. I knew I had to give this a go even though the feeling of unknown of what was to come petrified me. I turned around again and headed back in the direction I came from, I walked through the doors with all the confidence I could manage and was able to finally start my university experience.

Here we are now in January 2017 and I haven’t challenged myself properly in a good while. That’s why this year if all goes to plan I’ll be doing something different that I haven’t done before. I don’t want to say it out loud in case I never manage to do it, but fingers crossed it works out. I’ll let you know if it does anyway 🙂 The idea of what I have planned scares me but it also excites me the idea of something different and a change of routine.

Do you think challenging yourself is important? What was the last scary thing you did?


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