January Favourites

January passed in a blur of mild weather,  getting over Christmas and experiencing unexpected snowfall. Here are my January Favourites.

The Casual Vacancy: Living away from home I sadly go long periods of time without visiting my local library. During January I strolled around the shelves and came across JK Rowling’s book The Casual Vacancy, I remembered the hype when it first came out and decided to give it a go. Oh my god can the woman write. I know this is obvious from Harry Potter, but an adult novel, especially with all the various topics the book deals with, is a different ball game altogether. I would highly recommend this book if your’re looking for something to read

Adulting: I have a new purse. What’s the big deal I hear you think. Well this purse signifies me turning into an adult. I think a purse says a lot about a person, are they neat and tidy with loyalty cards pleased carefully in holders, or are they frantically pulling out crumpled receipts looking for a fiver they think they might have stuffed in somewhere? Over Christmas I was very fortunate to be gifted with a beautiful Ted Baker purse; meaning I could throw away my old and small battered floral Penny’s purse. Even holding it makes me feel like I have my shit together.

Sourced from the Fashion Havildar

Newborns:  Two people in my workplace have recently given birth to the cutest babies. Though it was frightening to hold them for the first time, once they were in my arms it felt so peaceful. I visited my friend over January to see her new born son, and we spent hours in her sitting room in front of the fire  while he slept in her arms. Outside the mountains were covered in snow and everything felt wonderful and cosy.

Sourced from That Grape Juice

Ed Sheeran: He’s back! I spent January playing Castle on the Hill and Shape of You on repeat. Even though the two releases has the typical style that you expect from an Ed Sheeran song, I still love them and his music (especially Castle on the Hill), always has a way of stirring emotions inside of me. Now that he’s released the tracklist for the new album I’m even more excited to purchase Divide when it comes out in March .

Planning 2017: January saw the start of things coming together for me, with unexpected surprises and a spontaneous holiday booking. I also got to see my friends taking the plunge and making the most of their year, one of them being my friend Jasmine who went off to Thailand for six weeks!

Myself and Jas





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