My 100th Blog Post

I’ve been blogging since 2014. I started because I wanted to have a place where I could write and express any thoughts I had. Three years on and I still love doing this, which is very surprising for me as I usually lose interest in things quickly! When I started I only told a select few people that I had a blog (ie. my mom and my best friend).

I didn’t know anyone who blogged back in the grand ole year of ’14 and ‘notions’ would have been the thought in people’s minds, if they ever found out I was off writing big long shpeels on the internet; for strangers to read as if I actually thought they cared what I had to say (*tosses head back and mutters ‘notions’ one more time for good effect*). To be sure no one knew I was up to such high class hooligism, I used to keep this blog anonymous, hence the name rearrangingstars (shneaky). But after joining college and learning that actually quite a few people in my class had blogs and we were actually encouraged to start our own (yay journalism!), I became more relaxed around the idea of people knowing I did this and it also meant I was able to write without the secrecy.

It’s funny to see people’s reactions when you they find out you have a blog. A lot of people immediately assume you have to have a niche. ‘Oh so do you write beauty stuff then?’, is what I get most of them time. People find it surprising when I say that I just write whatever I feel like. ‘So it’s like a diary then?’ No haha this is definitely not like a diary.

So what is my blog about then? I suppose I’ve always liked writing down my thoughts, it makes them clearer to me to see them written down, and I love the idea that by putting them up here it’s a platform that invites interaction. When I see that someone has read a post I’ve written I’m delighted, and on the occasions that someone takes the time to leave a comment it’s even better.

It feels a bit insane that I’ve managed to write a 100 blog posts, but I hope I continue with many more!

If you’re a blogger, how long have you been blogging for? And do your friends, family and dog know that you do it, or is it your own special secret hobby? I’d love to know 🙂


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