February Favourites

I am quite enjoying these monthly musings and find that it makes me regularly recap on my month.

Avocado: I’ve officially become a typical white girl. This month I’ve been loving avocado, or to be more precise, guacamole. I’ve been having it for most of my dinners this month, to the point where there was no avocados in my fridge one night that I googled to see if any place delivered guacamole (they don’t).

Two Pups: I heard about this coffee shop from my friend who found them on InstagramThe coffee here is really nice and their brownies are amazing, but what makes this place stand out for me is how lovely the staff are. That can often make or break a coffee shop (or anywhere for that matter) for me.

Taking on new projects: this has been a busy month for writing. I’m trying to take advantage of not having loads of college work on my plate at the moment, by taking every opportunity I can to write. From contributing to the college newspaper, being the secretary for the feminist society (which is being run by my friends and I) and keeping up with this blog every week. It’s been lots of fun and helped me keep my creativity going all month.

Hidden Figures Soundtrack: I’ve talked about this film in another blog and during February I spent my time commuting into college every morning listening to the movies soundtrack. Pharrell Williams features heavily and his song Runnin’ is extremely catchy.


What was the things you enjoyed last month?


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