Having a job while in college

This year I made the decision to take on a job while studying in college.

I’m very fortunate that I work enough during the summer in my very busy and my very touristy hometown that I can afford to fund my way through a year of college. (I am also extremely fortunate that my parents pay my fees and my rent, so they money I have is spent on food and everything else in between).

So during my first year of college I had no work and quite a lot of free time. I would look at my friends who were holding down a full time job while meeting deadlines in complete awe at how they managed to juggle it all.

I started second year excited for the oncoming year, but by Christmas college was boring me and everything felt like a bit of a repeat of first year without the glossy touch. By January rolled around I knew I needed a new challenge in my life.

After some deliberation I realised that starting a job in Dublin could be the change I was looking for. I was lucky enough that the company I work for in my hometown is also based in Dublin and I was able to secure hours up there.

Though this wasn’t originally how I planned things to go. My ambition was to find a job in Dublin with a bookshop or something similar that would be relevant to my course; but after handing out my CV’s to numerous businesses and hearing nothing back I decided for now, I should take advantage of what I have and stick with a job I could continue with up here.

One thing that I was certain about, was that this would be only a part time job and that college would always come first.

If you’re thinking of getting a job while in college I think the biggest piece of advice I can give to you is time management. Though I don’t do a crazy amount of hours a week, I still need to watch how I use my time and what pieces of college work I need to prioritise.

But it’s all worth it when Thursday rolls around and my wages land in to my bank account!

Having the opportunity to make an extra bit of money has given me the chance to save more. I’m always trying to look at the bigger picture, and I know at some stage in my life I’ll want to travel for a year or invest in a car, and I think now, when I don’t have a lot of commitments such as paying my own rent etc it’s the perfect time to save.

Working in a different shop that I’m not used to also allowed me to prove to myself that I have the capability to adjust to alternative environments. When I first started working up here, the idea of working somewhere different for the first time after three years was very daunting!

For me, I see working in Dublin as the gradual transition of me moving up here full time, which I see happening as part of my career eventually.

Though I know reading over this, working a few hours in Dublin doesn’t sound like a massive achievement, but for me the move was quite scary but also exciting because it’s another anchor securing itself in the soil of Dublin and tying me down with it.

Do you/ did you have a job while you were attending college?

How did you find it? Let me know below!




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