April Favourites

April’s been a weird month.

College is getting very tiresome what with the end of the semester fast looming. When I got my Easter break in the middle of the month, I was delighted for the rest from the recurring lectures and constant reminder of essays and assignments.

Though my Easter turned into a busy two weeks of work back home, so between that and the last few of weeks of college hanging over me I haven’t had the time or the energy this month to enjoy or discover many new things.

So my list of favourites is shorter than usual this month, but the ones I picked are things I really did enjoy a lot during April.

Big Little Lies: Please tell me you’ve watched this? Honestly it’s worth all the hype. The show has so may qualities to it- a mystery, amazing acting and beautiful cinematography. It only runs for one season (with seven episodes), so it’s great if you want to get hooked on something without having to have the commitment of lengthy seasons.

Source: Sky

Chocolate Eggs: Chocolate is my favourite thing ever month but during Easter it becomes my ultimate favourite thing. Am I the only one who thinks that chocolate tastes better when it’s in an egg shape and you can just break it into pieces? My local Supermarket does the Cadbury 3 for 5 deal (three Easter eggs for 5 euro- bargain) so all my chocolate needs were pretty much taken care of.

 H&M Jacket: I wanted to treat myself to some new clothes this month, so while searching through the rails in the big H&M on College Green (Dublin) I found a bomber jacket I really liked. I got a jacket in this style last year from River Island, but the fabric of it is quite stiff and is fitting, this one though is way baggier and is super soft. While the jacket itself is black but the inside of it is a pale pink. And the best thing about it, is that it was reduced from €45 to €30!

Erasmus: During my second semester of third year I will hopefully be doing Erasmus, which basically means I will be studying abroad in a country in Europe for a semester. A Source: Intimate Migrationsbit of work has to be put in first before I go, such as meeting the grade requirements for my summer exams and filling out forms. I wouldn’t consider these things a lot of fun, but the end goal of actually getting to live in another country has made preparing for Erasmus quite exciting *fingers cross I get it*.




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