Learning to drive- where I’m at now

Two years ago I wrote a blog titled “my (disastrous) first driving lesson” and it became my most viewed post.

Two years later I’m still doing driving lessons (*laughs nervously*).

But before you think that I’ve just been lazy, let me explain.

Here in Ireland, before doing your driving test you’re required to do twelve supervised stamped lessons. This can be pretty expensive since it’s usually 30 euro per lesson. Summertime is usually the best time for me to fit lessons in, but since everyone else usually has the same mindset, instructors can often be fully booked and you might have to wait four weeks before you can do your next lesson.

The first summer I managed to do five lessons and by the end of the following summer I was able to do four more. Pushing myself since the start of the year (and putting my money to the side!) I got around to doing two more. With only one more lesson to do I’m happy to see that there’s some improvement in my driving since my very first lesson.

If you read my previous blog on this crazy journey, you’ll see that my first lesson didn’t go very smoothly. After using that driver instructor (I think I called him ‘Bob’ for the blog- I know, my originality shocks me sometimes) for my first summer, I knew that I needed a change. We all learn in different ways, and ‘Bob’s’ method was harsh learning, praising when you got something right but scowling you if you messed up. I’m the type of person who is easily flustered and it takes me a long time to be confident in something new that I’m doing.

So I bid Bob farewell and found Tom

Tom has suited me perfectly. While I’m driving he manages to calm my nerves completely by just chatting away to me about mundane things (the weather, work, current affairs etc) and pausing every now and then to let me know which turn to take. He also makes an effort to praise me which helps my shaky confidence, his favourite line he likes to bestow me with is “you have lovely steering.”

What every girl wants to hear, am I right?

His chatter makes me forget my anxiety and I just get into the motion of driving, it also makes me more at ease to have someone chat away to me instead of sitting in stony silence while I feel like he’s judging my every move (*cough Bob cough*)

An instructor can make or break you, so finding the right instructor that suits you is so important.

Something I thought that would never happen is that I enjoy driving now. I feel proud of myself when I reach a new milestone; like recently I drove from my town to the next town over which is a about a forty minute car ride. I gave myself a pat on the back afterwards (my little inner voice jumping up and down and squealing ‘you did it!’)

Now pushing on into the summer I’m going to try and keep going with my driving and hopefully have my license before I’m 21 (?!)

How was your experience of learning to drive?


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