An hour in a coffee shop

I spend a lot of my time in coffee shops.

Sometimes during these little moments to myself I notice going on’s and interactions.

One weekend while I was back home, I grabbed my notebook and a pen and I headed to a coffee shop in my town.

While sipping away on my mocha and contemplating what my next blog post was going to be, a man came into the shop. He approached the counter and ordered an Americano. As he was walking away, waiting for it to be made, the girl at the counter called him back telling him he gave her too much money. He waved her off and told her “put it forward to the next person who comes in.”

“Fine for some” I thought smiling. A few moments later another man came and after ordering his coffee he was told it was on the house. Responding to his shocked and bemused expression, the barista laughed and pointed to the other man waiting explaining that the man had payed his coffee forward.

“Oh can I do the same then?”

And the exact same thing happened another few moments later. These three strangers all stood around each other waiting for their coffees to be done, smiling and striking up conversation all because of one simple gesture one person started.

People think I have an obsession with coffee shops, even though I can’t call myself a coffee connoisseur because all I drink is mochas. But I don’t love coffee shops because of the coffee, I love places like these because of moments like the one I just told you. The human interactions that come from being in one place together. Next time you’re sitting in a coffee house passing the time away, take a look at the people around you. People watching is personally one of my favourite things to do, it can be so soothing.

I go to coffee shops so I can have a catch up with an old friend who I haven’t seen in months, or I sit and cram for my last exam, or even just to go and read my book for a while. It’s a place that I can go and be surrounded by people but feel very content in my own company.

It’s one of the places that I feel calmest in.

Do you have a place like that? Where you go and you feel centred?


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