May Favourites

It’s the end of May and if you’re a regular reader you’ll know that at the end of every thirty days (or so), I love nothing more than chatting about my favourite things. This is the May edition. Enjoy!

My new shoes: Before I headed home for the summer I decided to treat myself to some new runners. I find shoe shopping really hard; I hate trying on shoes and then there’s the problem that all shoes look alright to me. I don’t get any mad urges of “o h  m y  g o d I need them in my life now” like I do with eye shadow palettes or dresses so it takes me a while before I fall in love with a pair.

IMG_6098 IMG_6109

But I liked the look of these ones. I got them from Schuh and they were 63 euro (but with my student discount I got them for 57 euro). I love the look of them and paired with some white socks they look quite cute.

Peter Marks College: I heard about the Peter’s Marks College from a friend. She told me that you could get a wash, a cut, a blow dry and a restyling for 20 euro. For someone like me who would usually pays 20 euro just for a dry cut this sounded too good to be true. Myself and my friend David decided to check it out and we booked an appointment with the school which is located right next door to the Style Club in South William Street. Honestly this was the best hairdresser experience I’ve ever been given. My stylist was a lovely student called Aoife, since she was getting ready for her exam, we decided that after washing and cutting my hair she would practice a red carpet look on my hair. She blow dried it straight and then curled the ends of my hair with big curls. She did a fab job, it was only a pity that I was heading back to the library afterwards to study! If you’re scared of the fact that it’s a trainee hairdresser doing you’re hair, there is no need to be because their teachers were walking around checking up on them constantly especially if their client was getting their hair coloured. The one thing to keep in mind is that make sure you have nothing planned for the rest of the day because they can’t guarantee how long your appointment will take (I took about two hours to get my hair done).

Miley Cyrus, MalibuI haven’t been the biggest fan of Miley (well not since Hannah Montana), her music and her aesthetic wasn’t my thing so her new song Malibu really took me by surprise. The song and the music video in particular is beautiful and soothing.

“Is it supposed to be this hot all summer long?
I never would’ve believed you
If three years ago you told me
I’d be here writing this song”

Dear White People: This Netflix show came up on my recommendations so I decided to check it out. Named after the film of the same name, the show is about the racism faced by a group of black students in an American university, particularly when a society within the college holds a “black face party” for Halloween. The show is quirky and weird and in between all the quirkiness and one liners the show makes you check yourself and in my case “my white skin privilege”.

Welcoming Summer: I finished my college year at the start of May (you can expect a post on “what I learnt in my second year of college” in the next few weeks). As I’m writing this I haven’t gone back to work yet, so till then I’m enjoying the freedom of the summer and planning all the things I’m looking forward to. I’m feeling quite content and optimistic if I’m to be honest with you ❤

FullSizeRender (29)

I hope your May was lovely and full of sunshine x


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