What I learnt in my second year of college

A few weeks ago, sitting in my friends car she asked me if I was excited to be going into third year of college. Before than I didn’t have time to process that I’ve actually just finished up with second year, what with assignments, exams and moving out of my house in Dublin. But in that moment after I began to think, I genuinely started to panic. It feel like time has slipped through my fingers and like I usually do I start overthinking – “what have you even achieved in the last two years??”, screams my inner voice.

Well, to reassure myself that I haven’t wasted my time, here is a list of things I”ve learnt in my second year of college.

Friendships: This year I feel my group of friends has really cemented. And what’s even nicer is that I’ve become even closer to people within my friendship group, who I didn’t get a chance to get to know a great deal about last year. I think in first year I had that period of time where I was getting to know people and I filtered from friend to friend but by the time the end of second year rolled around the friendship with the people around me felt a lot more solid and secure. It feels good.

Living with people: In first year I was living in “digs” (basically where you rent out a room in someones home), but this year I got the opportunity to live in a house with three other people. It’s all experience and when you live with other people (who are not your family), you learn a lot more about consideration and sharing the responsibilities of a house. It’s also about finding a balance between being sociable with your housemates and also taking time out for yourself in your room. I was really lucky to find this house and the people I lived with were all genuinely lovely, and thankfully I’ll have the house again in September!

Don’t stick with a routine: First year is all about trying new things- finding the best place to get coffee, figuring out the fastest way to get to the fourth floor of your college and locating the perfect lunch spot. So by the time second year rolled around I knew where I liked (hello Third Space Café). Though constantly doing the same things everyday can make the trip into college feel dull, so every now and then (with much encouragement from my friends who were sick of being in Third Space everyday) we would explore a new place in the city. The lesson? Routines in college (and in life) can feel like a security blanket, but it’s always good for the soul to change it up, even if it’s just by going to a different pub for a drink or trying a different coffee shop for your flat white.

You won’t love every part of your course: I found that my second semester of my course was quite similar to my first semester, so by the end of the year I was getting sick of certain modules. I’m asked constantly if I like my course, and I always answer I do. I genuinely enjoy what I’m learning and even though some modules feel pointless, it’s important to remind myself that one or two modules shouldn’t effect me liking my whole course.


Is there any nuggets of wisdom you’ve taken away from your years at college?


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