Welcome back!-A reintroduction

If you’ve been a bit of a regular snooper on my blog, you might notice that things look a bit different.

After three years of the same theme I felt my blog didn’t represent me anymore. I wanted something that suited where I’m at now; a layout that was professional but at the same time colourful.

As you can see my new colour scheme is one of my favourite colours- purple!

I also wanted to make it easy to find all the posts I’ve done no matter how old they are.

So on my homepage I’ve added a menu button where you can explore all the different themes I write on:

Books, College, Food, General Thoughts, Monthly Favourites, Storytime, Travel and Writing & Journalism

For memory sake this is what my blog used to look like

love birds

But the biggest change is my blogs name. When I started this blog I chose the name Rearranging Stars (you can find out why here). But after much deliberation I’ve decided to change it to simply Thoughts Of Cath

I’ve even bought a domain! So no more .wordpress.com….. hello to the .com era of my life (!)

Over the summer I’ve written a few blog posts and they are all tucked away in my drafts. Over the next few weeks I’ll be putting them up and getting this blog going once more.

You can expect to see a post on a holiday I took to Seville back in June, a round up of my summer and a new series I will be starting on my blog called the Erasmus Diaries (all will be explained shortly).

So if you are a returning reader or this is the first post you’ve read by me… welcome! I’m very excited for what’s to come and I hope you are too 🙂


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