Staying in Seville

Written 1/8/17


Back in June I managed to escape my hectic work schedule and go to a country I surprisingly have never been to before… Spain!

After doing research on Seville, a city in the South of the country, my friend and I fell in love and decided we had to visit

Before going I was told by a friend at work, who is well acquainted with the city, that Seville is known as the “frying pan of Spain” because it lies in a dip in the country. During the summer it even gets so hot that you can even fry an egg on the bonnet of a car!

This is no exaggeration, because once we got there we were met with 40 °C heat (104°F)

I’ve never in my life experienced weather this warm, so from the moment we go to Spain, to the moment we left I was applying sun cream constantly, out of fear that my Irish skin would just burn off.

//Day 1

After dropping our bags off at our pretty cool AirBnb, we headed out for a wander.


After getting our bearings we found a queue to the Alcazar, which is a palace with a beautiful castle and gardens.

FullSizeRender (33)

It’s hard to describe how beautiful this place is.

The picture on the right was taken while I leaned against a mosaic wall in one of the small courtyards. Though the Alcazar was busy with other tourists, a respectful quietness seemed to over come everyone that walked into the courtyard, so that the only distinct noise was the water trickling into the  nearby pond.

The detail put into the different rooms is mesmerising, especially when it comes to the Ambassadors Room. The centre piece of the room is its ceiling, which is where my eyes were immediately drawn to. The dome ceiling is filled with gold, orange and blue jewel shaped pieces, that give the impression that you’re looking at the secrets of the universe.

Finally other parts of the palace that we explored was the underground baths and the gardens where we found little ducks cooling themselves off under a fountain.




Other than drinking bottles and bottles of water, we managed to survive the heat by eating ice cream three times a day (I know it’s a hard life).

The place we kept returning to time and time again was La Fiorentina which we had both found on TripAdvisor. I loved the different variety of flavours, with orange blossom (which they named the “flower of Alcazar”… so cute!), lemon cake and dulce de leche (caramel) being my firm favourites.

That night we ended the day with tapas and wine (naturally).FullSizeRender (34)

//Day 2

The next day we visited the Plaza de España which is a plaza in the Maria Luisa park. Like the Alcazar the plaza was equally as beautiful. Running around the length of the plaza was arches, while bridges crossed over the river that ran around the square and in the middle sat a huge fountain.

Later on that day we crossed over a bridge that brought us into an area of Seville known as Triana. This place was far less touristy and we found a small restaurant to have our lunch with the locals. We were so far away from the touristy spots that we were the only non Spanish people eating lunch there that day. To say we stood out like a sore thumb would be an understatement haha.

After lunch the heat was becoming so unbearable we decided to head back to our Airbnb. Once we got back there we filled up a paddling pool that our host had left us on our rooftop terrace (I know right), and we cooled off until it became time to head out once more for food.

That night we stopped at our first cocktail bar called The Second Room which served their drinks in cute mason jars

IMG_6292That night we stopped at our first cocktail bar called The Second Room which served their drinks in cute mason jars

//Day 3

On our final day we checked out of our AirBnb and hopped on a train to Córdoba, a nearby town about an hour and forty minutes away. I fell in love with this place pretty fast. I don’t know what sealed the deal for me, it could have been the orange trees lining the streets or the beautiful white buildings that shone in the sun; but I could have spent the whole day here, but sadly we only had a few hours.

Our one and only stop was the Mosque- Cathedral of Córdoba. Half of the building is designed with Mosque style architecture of large arches with red stripes while on the other side of the building has Catholic inspired design of high dome ceilings and stained glass windows. The difference in style was amazingly interesting; though I learned afterwards that the beauty of the building has been overshadowed in recent years, because of the decision of a local bishop to ban Muslims praying in the Mosque though mass is still allowed to be held in the building.


After getting back to Seville we checked in to a hotel for a night ( though our Airbnb was lovely, my friend and I are suckers for a bit of luxury and wanted to have one night of being treated on hand and foot).

When it came to deciding on what to eat for dinner on our last night, we both agreed that after three days of having nothing but tapas; we were getting pretty sick of nibbling on pieces of cheese and cold ham. Luckily there was an Italian restaurant just across the road from the hotel and that’s where we had the best meal of our entire trip- an amazing plate of pasta alongside some chilled wine!

After finishing up with dinner we went back to the hotel and headed up to the rooftop pool (we do love our rooftops) and watched the sun set over the Cathedral Bell Tower.


Honestly it was the perfect way to end our time in Seville.

Have you ever been to this part of Spain? And more importantly… where do you think I should travel to next?


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