September Favourites

September has ended and I’m officially back in the swing of college- honestly it’s like I never left.

Without me meaning to, this months favourites are mainly clothes related. Also you might notice my list isn’t very extensive! September has been a bit hectic, what with moving up to Dublin and keeping on top of all the work load, I seem to find myself doing in third year!

But the favourites I have mentioned are things I genuinely love ❤

The Yellow Coat- Over the past few years I’ve started wearing more black; probably in a sub-conscious effort to be more sophisticated. Now that I tried it out for a while, I’m getting tired of my wardrobe lacking colour. So I’ve decided I’m going to try and and make an effort to make more colourful clothing choices.

When I found this yellow coat in Penny’s (Primark) in the beginning of last month I was instantly drawn to it. Looking at the coat just made me FEEL happier. It’s also lined with faux fur along the hood, the collar and down the coat. This is a plus for me because it means the coat isn’t too bulky to wear, but it keeps me warm at the same time.

FullSizeRender (4)
This is typically how happy I feel when I wear this coat


The Velvet Dress- I hate the feel of velvet. It reminds me of the old couches you would be plonked on top of as a kid, when you were visiting relatives and had to be on your “best behaviour”. So nobody else but me was more surprised, when I picked up an emerald green velvet dress in Zara and fell in love. The dress reaches down past my knees and is figuring hugging; and the little sleeves make me feel even more confident and comfortable when I wear the dress. While the neck scoops down and crosses over and thankfully doesn’t have to be constantly fixed and adjusted.

I wore the dress out to my friend, Laylah’s, birthday dinner at Xico’s (great night). I sadly didn’t get a full length picture of me in the dress… but that’s just an excuse for me to wear it again!

FullSizeRender (5)
The only nice photo I have that you can see some of the dress in !


The Break// Marian Keyes-  I started this book at the end of September but I already know it counts as a favourite. Marian Keyes has always held the spot as my go-to author, though I will admit that I didn’t enjoy her last book, The Secret of Mercy Close, as much as I wanted to. Because of this I held off for a long time before I bought The Break.

Though there was no need to worry, as the book is already excellent. She’s managed to keep her usual witty writing style, while bringing it up to date with how life is now a days.


How was your September? Looking back on September what have you loved the most? 🙂




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