So it begins// The Erasmus Diaries

Written 8/8/17

Since starting college I knew that during my third year I would have the chance to try and participate in Erasmus.

For any of you who don’t know, Erasmus is the EU student exchange program, where with the help of my college I will go over and study in a university in Europe for a semester.

I found out last week that, all going to plan I will be going on Erasmus to Utrecht in the Netherlands in Spring 2018(!)   With that in mind I thought that it might be interesting to document the process of taking part in the programme; the lead up to actually going and to blog about it when I’m finally over there.

To start off this series on my blog, I’m going to dedicate this post to how I got accepted into the Erasmus programme!

To begin with, at the start of second year students were invited to a meeting, to talk about the program and if we had any questions that needed to be answered.

Some colleges may be different when it comes to helping students prepare for Erasmus, but when it comes to the college I go to they are very much like; “here is what you need to do it, now the rest is up to you.”

So before I applied and filled out the necessary papers, I did some research on the options I had. The universities I had to choose from were in France, Belgium, Germany and the Netherlands. Every course differs on where you can go, depending which universities abroad your college has connection with.

In the end I decided on a college in Utrecht in the Netherlands, because of the praise another girl had for the place after she went there on Erasmus last year. I also chose it because it was the only college that offered the course through English.

A requirement that was in place to be accepted into the program is that I needed to get an average of 60% in my second year exams. When the time came and I got my exam results in June, I wasn’t just nervous checking to see if I passed all my modules, but I was also quickly adding up all my grades to see if I managed to get the average.

Thankfully I managed it and a week later I e-mailed the Erasmus International Office, asking what the next step was (can you sense that I’m eager?)

I was told to e-mail the college in the Netherlands letting them know that I plan on coming over and doing so would set up a line of communication. The lovely people in Utrecht got back to me and reading their response of; “we look forward to welcoming you in the Spring” did send a flutter of excitement through me.

It doesn’t end here though, at the end of August my college will be sending my “nomination” over to the college in Utrecht and they will send more forms out to me to fill out.

But I’ll keep you updated and when more things begin happening I’ll let you know.

Have you ever done Erasmus? Any advice you’d like to offer me?


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