October Hits and Misses

I wasn’t planning on doing a monthly favourite for October, since I struggled to come up with a lot of items to discuss in last months. And something I believe you can spot a mile off is forced content.

But after sitting down with my notebook and reflecting over October, I thought why not do a mix of things I enjoyed and things I wasn’t so keen on.

Thankfully there was more hits than misses.

The Hits

Morphe: I’ve been talking about getting the 35O matte eye shadow palette since the summer, but last month I finally got around to it. There’s some products that are full of hype and then there’s others that turn out to be absolute DREAMS. Everyday I’m messing around with the palette, mixing beautiful shades of oranges and browns. Sometimes creating subtle hues and other times throwing caution to the wind and lining bright orange on my waterline. Can you tell that I am in love with this palette? As winter settles in, I’m already planning how I’ll incorporate the brown shades into my makeup look. Updates to follow.

FullSizeRender (35)

Veggie Dishes: One evening while faced with the daily battle of wandering the supermarket, trying to answer the never ending question: “what will I make for dinner”; I saw the solution to my problem. Since they’ve launched their veggie dinners, I’ve been meaning to try the Happy Pears Vegetarian Lasagna. I wasn’t disappointing and is now on my list when I want to make a hassle free meal.

Image Credit: The Happy Pear


Bake Sale: The Feminist Society that I’m chairperson of held our first event! We ran a bake sale to raise money for The Well Women Centre in Dublin; which provides women with health care, family planning, counselling and sexual health services.

IMG_6952It was quite exciting and honestly I wasn’t sure how it was going to go. Surrounding businesses were lovely and supportive and donated cakes and pastries, and committee members surprised us by donating food as well.

In the end we raised over a €100, we never expected to make this much, and the bake sale was definitely the highlight of October for me.


The Yarn: One evening without really having a plan, my friend and I went into town looking for food. We heard good things about The Yarn, attached to The Mill from the Ha’Penny Bridge, and decided to try it out.

The restaurant setting was lovely, and we sat on the roof terrace surrounded by cosy lights. The pizza was really nice and we splurged and got a pitcher of a cocktail. The only downside of the place was that the service was quite distracted and had to be reminded several times, when we asked for things like water and cutlery. But this didn’t ruin the whole experience for me, and I definitely would give The Yarn another go.

Pilates: I went to a my first (and so far my only- oops) Pilates class last month… and I loved it. The only other fitness class I’ve done in the past is Spyn, so I didn’t expect Pilates to be so chilled. I enjoyed the whole experience, from the soothing music to spending forty minutes solely concentrating on stretching and breathing. 10/10 would recommend.


The Misses

DIY: There are few things in life I hate more than DIY. I don’t have the logic or the patience to be able to make make things myself. But somehow in October I got roped in to helping my friend put together a bike, she bought from Argos (yes, Argos is still a thing).

Instead of buying a regular ready made bike, this friend of mine thought she’d save a bit of money and buy one you had to assemble. My night was spent on her kitchen floor, trying to read manuals and figuring out why part A wasn’t connecting to Part C; but hey wait a minute where’s the screw for Part B. In the end we managed to build it (in fairness my friend did most of the work), and so far I haven’t heard of the bike falling apart.

Finally… A hit and a miss

Titanic Museum: I couldn’t decide which heading to put this one under, so I decided to give it a heading of its own. When I visited Belfast in October, it wasn’t even a question if we’d visit the Titanic Museum. The building itself (as you can see from the picture below) is beautiful. Then once inside, after you’ve gotten your tickets, you head up to the next floor to start your tour.

The experience was broken up into five parts. The first section was the history behind Belfast City, next was the building of the Titanic; which also included an amusement fair type ride experience. After that was the story of the voyage, then the sinking and finally the discovery of the sunken ship.

As you can tell, it’s very extensive and there was a lot of information to take in. But even though there was so much there, my friend explained it perfectly when she said; “they put too much emphasis on certain sections, like the history behind the city of Belfast. And by the time you came to the sinking of the ship they seemed to rush it, and at that stage you’re so exhausted from observing all the information.”

Overall the museum is really interesting and no harm in checking it out if you go up, but just be warned there’s a lot to take in!


What was your October hits and misses?


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