Letters to Winter

Last year, after being inspired by a video I saw online, I decided to write a series of letters to Autumn. 

I really enjoyed penning together these strange letters and getting in an unusual frame of mind where you have to imagine a season is a person, with feelings and a personality.

This year, I’ve decided I’m going to do the same, but instead I will write to Autumn’s friend and foe, Winter.


Dear Winter///1

10th November 2017,

You’re finally here. Today walking to college from Pearse St, I felt the sting of  your coldness on my cheeks and the warmness on my skin from the early sun. This was your way of letting me know, it was time to welcome you back.

Even though you start my days in darkness and you end them in darkness (and this is by no means me trying to insult you Winter), because although you’ve made the days shorter you’ve also put a ‘feeling’ in the atmosphere. The feeling of celebrations coming, the feeling that the year is coming to an end.


Dear Winter///2

11th November 2017,

Right now, Winter, I’m in Clontarf, writing this while the sun warms the back of my head. I have no where urgent to be. After this I’m going to walk along the sea and fill my lungs with you.

You can look at you in a lot of ways, Winter. Your darkness, your coldness, your bareness. Or you can see how you’ve ended the circle of the year, how you are breathing a gust of cold air into world before we start anew.


Dear Winter///3

18th November 2017,

Things are a lot busier now Winter. I feel like I don’t have time to enjoy you, because my time is spent sitting in front of a screen; in a race against time to get assignments done. But we’re nearly there. Fairy lights are officially starting to be tied around every object, and I feel like it is now ok to say the dreaded C word.

Once I have time, I’m going to walk down Grafton St and take in the magic of Christmas that is creeping in.


Dear Winter///4

20th November 2017,

Tonight was lots of fun. I returned home from college but ventured back out to embrace a night of celebrations. A year and a half of work done by a friend finally came to an end. We honoured the day with a night of cocktails around Dublin and a game of Cards Against Humanity in P Mac’s. Wrapped in my scarf and drinking on a cold Monday night was the perfect start to a new week.

It’s good to see you again, Winter.



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