Planning and Preparing// The Erasmus Diaries #2

It’s been a few months since I wrote my first post in this series, and since then there’s been a lot to update you with.

After returning back to college, I was flooded with e-mails from both my own college and the university I will be travelling to. if you’re planning on going on Erasmus, be prepared, there will be A LOT of forms to fill out.

Firstly, I had to fill out two sets of paper work to do with my learning agreement, which is basically an agreement between my Irish and Danish college on what modules I will be taking while I’m doing Erasmus.

This took time because I had to get my academic co-ordinator on both sides to sign the forms, so my time was spent sending e-mails back an forth and tracking down people’s offices.

I also had an online form that needed to be filled out with all my personal details. Alongside this, every course have their own requirements when it comes to other forms they need from you. For me, my CV and a motivation letter was also asked for.

Finally I became well acquainted with my college printer, since I had to scan every piece of proof of  identity I owned; from passports to student cards and my European Health Insurance Card (EHIC).

I didn’t have all this stuff on me to hand, like my passport needed to be renewed (ideal) and my EHIC had expired. So a bit of advice, is to be organised because your host college will have a deadline for when everything need to be in.

So if you’re waiting for passport and other things to arrive in the post, you’ll need to be on top of everything so you’re not left feeling stressed to bits (Lauren Fetherston™).

But all that boring stuff aside, the biggest thing that has happened is that I got my student housing sorted! At the start of November the college in the Netherlands released a limited amount of rooms, in their on campus accommodation. My mom and I gathered anxiously around my laptop, credit card at hand, on the morning the rooms were available, ready to pick my future room.

I chose the building that was recommended to me by a girl who had done Erasmus with that college the previous year, and thankfully everything went smoothly! It feels such a relief to know that I have somewhere to live when I do eventually move over.

Also this semester, there are a few new people in my class who are over here as part of Erasmus. One of them happens to go to the college that I’m starting, and chatting to her on a night out put me at such ease for the forthcoming semester.

Next on my to-do list was to find someone to take my room in Dublin, while I’m away. That (thankfully) turned out relatively easy, as my housemate had a friend who was looking to live closer to college to shorten her commute, and was happy to take it.

It’s surreal that things are finally coming together, though I still have a few other things sort out …like booking my flights!

Next week I have a pre-departure meeting to discuss any final details, before me and everyone else who is going on Erasmus head off.

My next entry on this series will be written in February, when I’m finally over in the Netherlands… so keep an eye out!



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