How to survive January

You’d have to feel sorry for January.

You’re at a party. You’ve just finished enthusiastically enjoying the company of December and up ahead, you can see February and Spring sipping on cocktails. You start making your way up to them, when you get stopped by January (or ‘January Blues’ as your friends have nicknamed him). You’re stuck now. You’ve no choice but to make awkward chit-chat, as he drawls on about the terrible weather, how quiet things are at work and how he feels like such a let down next to his neighbour, December. The conversation lasts for ETERNITY before you can eventually make your excuses and head over, to greet February and Spring with a warm hug.

January is feeling particularly boring this year. My small home town is in off-season at the moment, so I haven’t been needed at my part-time job for the past 2 weeks, the weather hasn’t been the nicest and there’s no decent place to get a coffee.

I know it’s common to feel unmotivated and down during this month, so I thought I would dedicate this post to how I’ve been keeping myself entertained during January.

1. Do the things you’ve been putting off

With this being a quiet month or if you’re like me and college doesn’t start for another while, this month is a great reason to tick off boxes on the to-do list you’ve been avoiding. It can also be a useful month to pick up any of your hobbies you’ve ignored or even start a new one! I used to draw and paint a lot, but in the last few years I’ve neglected that side of my creativity. I’m going to try to spend an hour sometime next week getting back into the habit of picking up a pencil/ paintbrush.

2. Practice self-care 

After December, getting back into the routine of drinking water, getting a good nights sleep blah blah is important. I’ve been spending a lot of time this month going for walks with my dog and I even did an exercise routine I found on YouTube ( which left me unable to walk the next day). Though I have been terrible at meeting up with friends this month, because I’m in the head space that there is nothing to do/ nowhere to go at the moment. So that’s one thing I’m going to focus on myself this week.

3. Have something to look forward to

The days can be dark and the weather (in Ireland anyway) can be exceptionally bad. So little treats like going for a coffee, or in my case getting a scone in the last open cafe in my town, is the kind of little social outings that can help shorten the days. Planning the year ahead is other ways I’ve been passing January and making the upcoming year an exciting one.


How has your January been so far? 🙂 x



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