My Travel Plans for 2018

I plan on doing a fair bit of travelling this year. In T-minus 8 days I will be moving to the Netherlands for five months. Since there will be so many amazing countries surrounding me and it’s easy to travel with an Interail Pass, I plan on seizing the opportunity and exploring as many countries as I can

I want to be realistic and not include too many on the list, but if I manage to do all the places I’ve mentioned then I’d be more than happy!


Countries I want to visit:

Germany: I got an e-mail from my college in the Netherlands, saying that part of my course will involve going on a field trip to… BERLIN. A big step up from the school trips I took as kid! I’ve heard great things about the city, so I’m excited to see what this field trip has in store.

Belgium: There’s no particular reason why I wan to visit Belgium, but since, like Germany, it’s right next door to the Netherlands, it’s too convenient not to explore.

Czech Republic: The exact place I want to visit is Prague. My friend spent her Erasmus there a few years back and my other friend went there as a holiday last year, and all they could say was that it was AMAZING AMAZING AMAZING.

Scotland: I obviously can’t travel to Scotland by train, but taking a trip to Edinburgh has been on my mind for the last few years. Mainly because of its attachment with JK Rowling and the city was used as a memorable backdrop for the book One Day. I’m thinking winter would be the ideal time, because I want to stroll around the Christmas markets, take coffee breaks in the Elephant Cafe and climb Arthur’s Seat.


I haven’t made any definite plans yet, or done any real research into the countries (as you can see from my list I only really know the bare minimum about them). But in the next few months, once I’ve settled into my new home (!) I’ll start planning some adventures!


What’s you travel plans for 2018?

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