A Day in Leiden

Another travel post today! They seem never ending at the moment (not that I’m complaining.)

Since we have Tuesday’s off from college, myself and a few friends from class decided to do a day trip to Leiden.


Only forty minutes from Utrecht by train, the city is in the South of Holland. I’ve been wanting to go to the city because I’ve heard it being mentioned a few times since I came here and also because the name Leiden sounds so sweet.


The city is undoubtedly beautiful. Though the weather was quite grey the day we went, at the same time it didn’t take away from the charm of the streets.

Looking up things to do, we were flooded with endless suggestions of exhibitions to visit- archaeology, ethnology, former hospitals and of course art galleries. We weren’t in the mood for museums so we all decided to walk the streets and just see what we could find.

One aspect of the city we discovered and that I loved was the Wall of Poems. Over a 110 poems in all different languages have been painted on walls of buildings all over the city. We went on a hunt for some poetry and ended finding dozens.

IMG_8208After a while we noticed that the placement of each poem had been carefully thought out. We came across one such poem to do with books and writing, that was on the side of a building of a bookshop. Little touches like that made me adore this little creative project even more.

At one stage we  found a lovely Botanic Gardens and took a peaceful stroll through it and after we took a few side streets and really got the feel of authentic Leiden, away from all the commercial and tourist shops.


We stooped at Bagel and Beans for lunch (so simple but so good). And not long after we decided to head home.Before we left Leiden I really wanted to find a windmill, which are known for being typically Dutch. We came across one, which had also been turned into a museum. Though we didn’t have time for a tour, we managed to ask a friendly couple to take our photo by the windmill.


Cute right?

Have you even been to Leiden? Any other Dutch city you recommend me checking out?

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