A City Lost in a Fairytale- an insight into Bruges

Back in May, after I came back from Munich, my brother James came to visit me for a few days.

While he was here, I tried to pack in as much as possible. One thing that I really wanted to do with him was travel to somewhere outside of The Netherlands.

I never heard of Bruges before going on Erasmus, but anyone who had been couldn’t stop talking about how magical and beautiful of a small city it was.

The tranquil Minnewaterpark

So, early on a Friday morning, James and I took a three hour bus ride to Belgium. Once there we made the walk from the bus station to our hostel. The walk was the perfect introduction to this little city. Strolling through the beautiful Minnewaterpark and down side streets, it was easy to see why Bruges is nicknamed a fairy tale town.

After dropping off our bags we went into the centre to find some lunch.

The options were endless as Bruges is full of unique and quaint places to eat. There’s not a tacky fast food joint or chain restaurant  in sight, so every place we came across seemed perfect.

Though a negative that comes with this, is that Bruges is not cheap. I was warned by people before I went that everything would be super expensive and they weren’t exaggerating. Eating out was wildly pricey and even our accommodation was the most I’ve paid for a hostel since I’ve been travelling.

But the waffles are cheap at least!

EA71AF10-859C-466F-AA02-246E53D61365 (1)
James enjoying his Belgium waffle

Though we were full from our lovely lunch when we came across the queue for Chez Albert’s waffles (proclaimed as the best waffles in Bruges), it didn’t take us much convincing to get some.

They were great by the way.

As Belgium is known for it’s chocolate, we also decided to visit a chocolate museum that  was recommend online called “Choco Story”.

I never thought I’d say this about anything to do with chocolate, but I highly advice you don’t bother with it.

We tried our best to enjoy the experience but the outdated interior and badly laid out rooms and displays, had us leaving the museum regrettig we had came at all.

But on wards and up wards and all that. We spent what was left of the day, appreciating the beauty of Bruges.

The architecture is honestly something else, especially that of the Belfry Tower and the the City Hall.

Since we knew we had a day and a half to explore, we were pretty relaxed about checking off everything we wanted to do off our list. So, that evening we didn’t do much except wander the streets.

The next morning, we hunted down some caffeine and found a nice coffee shop called “Espresso Bar”.

The final activity we did was visit the Church of our Lady. This particular church was very special to any I have been to in the past, because inside a sculptor by Michelangelo is housed.

This version of the Madonna and Child is one of the later versions that Michelangelo sculpted. To gaze at the softness and the movement of the two figures, knowing that he had started off with only a chunk of bare marble, was truly mesmerising.

James and I both agreed that this was our favourite part of the trip.

The Madonna and Child in the Church of our Lady

Afterwards we stopped at a market and bought some fresh fruit. Then we returned to Minnewaterpark, ending our visit to Bruges how we started it. We laid on the grass with our strawberries and apples and we bathed in the sun until it was time to get our bus again.



  1. Me and my sister are taking our parents on a surprise trip to Bruges in a few months. We’ve book an apartment so we are able to cook, but I suppose our budget could stretch to a waffle or two… And I’ll definitely be going to the Church of our Lady – my dad especially will love it!


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