Dissertation deadline and turning 22

It’s done! After eight months of topic proposals, stacks of readings, scheduled meetings, stupid amount of hours spent in the library and of course a lot of writing, I finally handed in my dissertation.  I knew handing in 11,000 words would be a big relief but I was surprised with how much of a physical lift off my shoulders it felt. It was like there was room in my brain to think about other things then just the next chapter I had to write or what interview I needed to plan.


Now that my final year in college is coming to an end I have more time to concentrate on other things in my life, such as blogging. I’m going to ease myself back into this and tell you how I celebrated my 22nd year on this planet.Impromtu photoshoot

This year my birthday fell on Easter week and to celebrate I had two of my college friends come down for a visit to my home town. The weather was incredible and I got to show them all the best parts of where I live. We went for a walk out to my favourite place in the world. You basically have to walk to this lighthouse and past a stoned wall are steps that lead down to the coast. Someone at some point in time shaped a stone seat and from there you can look out into the ocean. Not everyone knows that you can go down the steps so you’re usually left undisturbed to enjoy the view.

It’s where I feel most at peace. With your back to everything else, tucked away on the side of the Atlantic, it’s so easy to get lost in thought looking at the waves swirling and crashing onto the rocks. The scenery can also take your breath away and it even silenced my very chatty friends as we sat on the stone seat and just looked around us.

An unexpected highlight of the few days with my friends was when we took other a drive around the peninsula by the ocean. Along the way we passed a sign labeled “hold a lamb”. Of course we had to investigate further and headed up to a the top of a driveway that housed a hostel, a small shop and a small field. A local farmer led us in through the gate of the field and we got a chance to hold some lambs (for a small fee of course… honestly hats off to his entrepreneurship skills).

A combination of being hungover from the night before and the cuteness of the lambs made us all overly happy and pretty emotional, as you can probably tell by the pictures.


After a much needed break at home, it’s back to reality in Dublin and also back to business when it comes with my posts. Now what’s next? Well, here is a hint to some future blogs that you can look forward to…!


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