Winter thoughts in NYC

The winter months can be long and dreary, but it helps if you’re kept busy. The lead up to the holidays in New York brought a lot of exciting trips into the city to see the sensory overload that is NYC at Christmas. Other evenings have been spent in a a small village near where I live on the outskirts of the city that could be straight out of Gilmore Girls. It’s where I go some (ok, quite a few) evening’s after work to have a coffee and chill out for a while.

A few thoughts over winter…

Solo adventures. Since getting to New York there’s been a few things I’ve done by myself, usually places I know my housemates mightn’t be that interested in and that I would enjoy more by myself. One Sunday I took off by myself and hopped on the train to the New York Botanic Gardens. I spent an hour just wandering around, strolling along the different paths, through woodland areas and I even found a small waterfall. Other times I’ve ticked off museums that I’ve wanted to visit, such as The Met (incredible) and The Museum of Modern Art (a lot of “I don’t get it” moments). Some experiences are great to share with others but then there’s others that are great to take advantage of to clear your head and appreciate your own company.

It’s hard to meet people. I’ve been living in America for four months now and making friends is harder then I thought it would be. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not from lack of trying, but making lasting connections over here is harder then it seems. Now that I’m graduated from college and I don’t work with any young people, opportunities to meet others my age are harder to come across.


Snow. Such a simple and yearly occurrence for some people but it still fascinates me. Waking up in the mornings and looking out of the kitchen window and seeing a dazzling blanket of white snow that wasn’t there the night before, covering the trees and decks of apartments still takes my breath away. Walking to work and noticing a tree encased in a cage of ice that it weighs the branches so far down that it touches the path. Looking out the door of work one minute and seeing bight blue skies and then the next every nearby phone going off with a warning that a squall is on it’s way. All these things are new to me and honestly who knew the winter chill would surprise me so much.

Adulting is a truly real concept. I thought I had the whole concept going on pretty well in college, but living completely independently without my parents has taught me differently. WiFi goes down, rent is due, bills need to be paid, toilets break, service appointments need to be scheduled and you look around and realize it’s you that has to deal with it all.


Not forgetting your goals. It’s not all bright lights and New York dreams over here. When people from home hear I’m over here I think they imagine me living it up in the city, working in media and living the New York high life. It’s far from that but last month I got my my first article published in an Irish-American newspaper over here. It’s a foundation and my goal for the New Year is to get a piece published in an American publication.


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