Food & Coffee NYC

Continuing with all the New York content I haven’t managed to put up until now, we’re going to dive into the places I enjoyed the most for food and coffee.


Café Grumpy: Located in Grand Central, the coffee sizes are quite small and naturally pricey given the location. This aside the coffee was nice and I found it the ideal place to sit and people watch as commuters pushed their way through the Grand Central doors rushing to catch a train or rushing to get out into the city.

Café Grumpy

Konditori: This place is a Swedish espresso bar with a very simplistic vibe to it. I stopped by one on Wall Street for a coffee after I applied for my social security number. It was a long day of standing in queues and waiting to be called forward, so the caffeine treat was definitely needed! Konditori means a traditional Swedish gathering place to enjoy warm drinks, fine baked goods and confections and this is exactly what you get here.

Irving Farm

Irving Farm: By far my favourite coffee spot I found in New York. Top tip: their location on Lextington Avenue 50th St. is never too packed and is always easy to get a seat. I loved going here for a quiet solo brunch and coffee.


Zoob Zib: During a day of shopping myself and a friend stopped by this Thai restaurant. The decor was lovely, the prices were decent and my Massaman curry hit the spot.

Zoob Zib

Kuu Ramen: We came across this Japanese place on a tourist filled day around the Financial District (World Trade Center, Fearless Girl Statue and 9/11 Memorial). I wasn’t sure what to expect but the food turned out to be delicious and reminded me of spots I love to go to in Dublin. There’s very little seating and you’ll be sharing a table so it’s best to come here with one other person rather than a big group.

Kuu Ramen

The Pho 2: This is a Vietnamese restaurant myself and my roommate found in the Chelsea area, after we attended a journalism event held by the Center of Communications. It was my first time having Vitnamese food and I decided on the the Banh Mi (sandwiches) and my friend got the noddles. The menu is small but the food was delicious and the staff were lovely.

The Pho 2

Bareburger: A great burger place that offers and extensive range of both meat and vegetarian options. The perfect in-between of relaxed dining and good food.


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