When this is all over

Midnight tonight Ireland will enter it’s second lockdown of this year. For six weeks there will be travel restrictions, shops closed and restaurants and bars shut once more. Yet this time round I feel calm with the sense of acceptance that I definitely didn’t have back in March.

It helps that I’m back in a work environment even if it is just for weekends, and that I am surrounded by the sea and beaches that I didn’t have when I was in New York. I have also mastered the art of passing time and though my days aren’t filled with any real hive of activity, I’m content in a way I wasn’t the first time round.

With the prospect of being confined within 5K of our homes, I insisted to my family that we make an outing to the town over from us. We walked aimlessly around clothes shops, drank hot chocolate, ate a lovely meal under an outdoor roof and laughed as we got caught in the rain during an ill thought out attempt at a walk in the local National Park.

I’m feeling quite positive now though I know it might not be the same story in a few weeks time, but I’m taking everyday as it comes and right now life doesn’t feel too bad. It’s important to not forget that this won’t be forever, to remember what there is to look forward to once this is over.

When this is all over I’ll link arms with my friends after leaving the pub, giggly and loud as we decide where to next with shouts of ‘I just want to go for a dance’ among the chatter. When all of this is over I’ll hop on a plane to the places I dreamed of but never seized the chance to go to. I’ll enjoy the ease of being able to try on clothes in changing rooms once more, to not count how many people are in a store before I go in, to talk to people about the virus knowing that it was a distant memory of a time we all went through.


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