Things I learnt during 30 days of yoga

A few years ago I dabbled in yoga and fell in love with it. Before then I never found an exercise I fully enjoyed. I have no hand eye coordination so most team sports in school were a write off and having tried spinning and XFIT classes (and enjoyed them to a certain extent), I associated exercise as hard and painful.

Then I did yoga and maybe it was just the right time in my life or I happened to get lucky with a teacher, but I adored it. I felt strong and peaceful at the same time and I became fascinated at using the breath as a tool to extend movements.

I found Yoga with Adriene during the first lockdown (like a lot of people did it seems!) and I managed 21 out of 30 days of her HOME yoga practices, but lost momentum and commitment to finish it. Coming into the new year I saw she was uploading a new 30 day journey called BREATH and I really wanted to complete the full set of videos. I suppose with the hope it would ease me into the new year and the continuation of this global pandemic we’re all experiencing.

Things I Learnt in 30 days of Yoga

  1. Track your progress. I took a tip from a friend and kept a daily journal log of each session. I found this a great way of tracking how I was feeling and to note any mantras that Adriene had that I found particularly inspiring.
  2. Environment. I found the more inviting I made the room I practiced my yoga in, the easier it was to get to the mat everyday. My way of doing this was putting a heater in the room, using a lamp that filled the room with a warm glow and every now and then lighting a candle.
  3. Community. Knowing other people were doing the journey with me even if it was just reading the comment section on the video was a real incentive to keep going everyday. Two of my friends happened to be doing BREATHE as well and we would check in with each other every few days to see how we were getting along.
  4. Find what feels good. A motto constantly reiterated by Adriene that helped me learn to listen to my body, be that finding pose modifications on the mat or knowing when I needed to rest. There was two separate days that I missed and instead I did a double practice the following day. Rather then feeling disappointed in myself, I learnt that I was doing the right thing by listening to my body. I suppose that’s one of the things I like about yoga, that I never feel punishment or disapproval if I can’t do something exactly right.

Now that we’re in February I’m trying to continue daily/ weekly yoga practices and so far it’s going well.

Until next time!


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